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The National MS Society & MyCounterpane Healing through the story of you.

Start Your Journey

Welcome to the joint outreach effort of the National MS Society and MyCounterpane.

Below you will see a Moodifier with seven excerpts from Kate Milliken’s MS journey - her full profile has over 100. Click on the various dots and experience a part of Kate’s story, as told by her. Then we’d like you to create your story, using text, photos, and most importantly, video.

MyCounterpane offers a variety of settings for sharing. To help the MS Society learn from your experiences, we ask that you set your profile setting to either Community, which can be viewed by anyone registered on MyCounterpane, or Public, making your profile searchable to users in and out of the MyCounterpane community.

The National MS Society and MyCounterpane look forward to getting to know you and introducing you to the healing power in recording your moments.

Any questions? Please contact nmss@mycounterpane.com.

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